Fullcolor Technology Limited
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Fullcolor Technology Limited
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Belangrijkste producten:Dtf-inkt, UV-inkt, subliantion-inkt, eco-oplosmiddelinkt, dtf-printer, dtf-poedershaker-machine, dtf-film, sublimatiepapier, UV-printer, etiketprinter, id-kaartprinter
Gerangschikt op nr.2 bestsellers in DrukinktODM services availableCompetitive OEM factoryGlobal export expertiseTotal floorspace (3,132㎡)

DongGuang Fullcolor Technology Limited was founded in 2009. specializes in providing inkjet printers and consumable products, and has nearly 10 years of product sales and after-sales experience in the inkjet printing industry. Fcolor brand products have been well received and recognized by customers at home and abroad.Products include: ink, ink cartridge, inkjet printer;printing equipment, dedicated thermal sublimation ink, sublimation paper, process gift customization, etc.;Provide customized product solutions to customers.High quality products and considerate service have always been the vane of what Fullcolor people are doing and what they will do in the future.